In the beginning travel is glorious.

Then, one Friday evening, after a long week, you stand helpless as the last flight takes off without you. You are left stranded, alone, in front of a ticket counter and all you can think of is falling asleep in your own bed and then waking up to watch cartoons with the kids.

In the end, what is truly glorious is being home.

As a regional consulting firm for mid-market companies the vast majority of our engagements are close to home. In fact, in 2011 less than 5% of our billable days resulted from projects that required our consultants to jump on a plane.

Still, in the process of staying close to home we have learned a thing or two about getting ahead. SWC is one the fastest growing companies in the country and has one of the happiest workforces in the city.

Let us tell you more about the difference we are making close to home while making it back home for dinner.